AORUS Open - How to sign up


Here you can find a step-by-step explanation of how to sign up for the online qualifier of the AORUS Open 2018.

Registering an account

First you have to register an account on For that please click on "Log-in / Register" in the top right corner. A popin will open, please click "Create new account" and then enter the necessary information or simply register via one of the Social Media websites.

After you created an account, you will get a confirmation email. Please check your inbox (and spam folder), so you can complete the registration process.

Entering the Steam ID and PUBG name

Once you completed registration, please login with your account. In order to sign up for one of the qualifiers, you will need to enter some more information. Please go the User Center. Alternatively, you can also click on your user profile in the top right corner and then navigate to the user center.

Once in the user center, please click on Game Accounts. Here you will find a list of game accounts. Please enter the PUBG Name and Steam ID.

You can find your Steam ID here by entering either your Steam URL or your Steam nick name.

Creating or joining a Team

The AORUS Open is a tournament for duo teams, which means that you and your friend will have to join a team. One of you has to create a team by going again to the user center and then to My teams.

Now please click on "Create team" and then a form will show up, which you need to fill out.

Once you have done that, your mate can join your team. For that you need to go to My teams as well and then click on "Search team".

Once you have found the team you can click "join team" and after typing in the password (from the "Create team" form), you should be member of the team alongside your friend.

Signing up for the Qualifiers

Now that you've entered your game account and joined a team, you are only a few steps away. To sign up to the qualifiers, the leader of your team should go to the tournament site and navigate to your region. Sign-ups open one week before the first qualifier on each region. Here is a list of the links and times the sign-ups open:

Once the sign-ups are open, the leader can sign up the team for a qualifier on the respective qualifier page.

When that is done, the team mate should go to the same qualifier page and then confirm the participation.

Please note: You can sign up for each of the 6 qualifiers, but you need to do that explicitly. Signing up for 6 qualifiers means signing up the team 6 times and having the team mate confirm 6 times (each once per qualifier).


This is the last step before you can start playing. In order to only have active teams (that actually show up) in the qualifier, we integrated a check-in for each qualifier. 30 minutes before the start of the qualifier, the leader of each team needs to confirm the participation once more. Does not have to do anything. When you did that, a respective box will show up and tell you that you are checked in. Then please wait until the qualifier starts.

Please note: The maximum number of teams that can participate in each qualifier is 50. Therefore, only the first 50 teams who check-in will also be the teams participating. We highly recommend to come on time to the check-in to ensure that you can check-in among the first 50 teams.

Still have questions? Simply write a Support Ticket.
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