AORUS Open - F.A.Q.

In the following you can find answers to common questions. Please read this page as well as the rules first before you write a support ticket.


When can I sign up for the AORUS Open?
The signup for each region starts one week before the first qualifier of that region.

What are the requirements for signing up?
You need to be logged in to the website with your GameSports network account and have your steam id as well as your PUBG name entered as a game account. Furthermore you need to be inside a team with at least two members. If you are the leader or a captain of the team can, you can sign up the team. One more team member then must also confirm the participation for your team within each qualifier. More information on the signup process can be found here.

How do I find my steam id?
A fast and easy way is to enter your profile URL on steamidfinder and copy the result. Please enter the steamID (not steamID3 or steamID64). It looks like steam_0:0:123456.

My Steam ID is already in use. What can I do?
In most cases like this, your Steam ID has been used by yourself on a previous account. Check up, if you already have a different GameSports network account, keeping in mind that those exist across multiple websites. Either use this other account for the AORUS Open or remove the game account from it to solve the problem. If you need further assistance, please submit a support ticket.


How many qualifiers are there per region?
Each Region contains of six online qualifiers, which run from tuesday to sunday in a given week. On each day there is one qualifier.

Can I play in more than one qualifier?
Yes, you can play in all six of your region's qualifiers. However, if you win one of the qualifiers, you are already qualified for the Regional Finals and not allowed to play any upcoming qualifiers.

How is the point distribution in each qualifier?
You can find the point distribution and calculation in the rules.

How can I qualify for the Regional Finals?
The winner of each online qualifier advances to the Regional Finals. That means there will be a total of six teams at each Regional Final.


What regions are there?
The AORUS Open 2018 will run qualifiers in six different countries: China, France, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan and USA.

I'm from the USA, but my mate is from France. Can we still participate together?
No, that is not possible. Only people from the aforementioned countries are allowed to participate in their countries' qualifier. Mixed teams are not permitted.

When will be the Regional Finals?

  • China - July 30
  • USA - September 1-2
  • Germany - September 22
  • Taiwan - September 29
  • France - October 6
  • South Korea - October 13

Playing Matches

When does each qualifier start?
Each qualifier starts at 19 Local Time. The only exception is the US qualifer. The tuesday & wednesday qualifiers start at and the four remaining qualifiers (thursday - sunday) start at to accomodate the various timezones within the USA.

How many rounds are there in each qualifier?
Each qualifier will have one match and each match consists of three rounds. Points from all three rounds will be summed up to the total points of the qualifier.

How do I find the lobby information?
Each qualifier will have a match page, where the lobby information such as lobby name and password will be displayed in time.

I can't find the match in PUBG. What can I do?
Once you started PUBG, please go to Play -> Custom Match -> Normal Mode. A list of custom lobbies will appear, in which you need to find the lobby name. You can make it easier by selecting filters (for example Region, Perspective, Team, etc.).

A round is over. How can I see my points?
Once a round is finished our admins will enter the points for placement and kills as fast as possible. Please keep in mind that PUBG does not allow an automated process, so it might take a few minutes. Once the points are entered, the admin will announce it on the Discord Server.

My points are wrong, how do I tell the admin?
If you think that we made a mistake entering the points, please write a support ticket. An admin will take a look at this then right away.
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